2018 Ridgman 10 bell striking competition: June 16th at St Peter, St Albans

The Stewards Report

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Marg B Winter

Results summary

Band photos are hereMinutes of the committee meeting are here.

Place Team Rang   Peal
Winner Hertford County Association 6th 3hr 12 41 faults
Second Ely Diocesan Association 3rd 3hr 32 61 faults
Third Bedfordshire Association 5th 3hr 18 65 faults
Fourth Suffolk Guild 2nd 3hr 06 114 faults
Fifth Essex Association 1st 3hr 11 115 faults
Sixth Cambridge University Guild   4th 3hr 19 119 faults
Seventh  Lincoln Diocesan Guild 7th did not finish

Date for next year’s diary