2019 Ridgman 10 bell striking competition: June 15th at the Norman Tower, Bury St Edmunds

Hertford retain the Ridgman Trophy

"A rip-roaring practice" - judges.

The 32nd edition of the Ridgman ten-bell competition was held at the Norman Tower, Bury St Edmunds, on Saturday 15th June 2019 by invitation of the Suffolk Guild represented by their chairman Rowan Wilson.  Kate and Paul Flavell as judges said how important it is to achieve good cooperation between the small and large bells in a test piece such as Cambridge Surprise Royal, also of the danger of falling into an elephant trap ... a major method mistake.

When not ringing we found a lovely city on a sunny day, though many preferred loitering on the cathedral green to renew acquaintance and to hear some fine test pieces. Hertford were judged clear winners with Suffolk and Ely showing strongly: all eight teams brought their test pieces home in good style.

Provisionally for next year: Saturday 13th June 2020 at Boston Stump on the invitation of the Lincoln Diocesan Guild, to ring Grandsire Caters.
Rowan Wilson (Suffolk), Richard Sales (Hertford),
Paul and Kate Flavell (judges) with the Ridgman Trophy.

Band photos are hereMinutes of the committee meeting are here.

Results and Judges comments (from ATW's notes)

Judges noted just a little odd-struckness around the middle bells, otherwise a good ten with a lovely sound.
Scoring: two points for a good row, one for a small clip, zero if a serious clash, marked “rather strictly”.

Place Team Rang   Peal
Marks Notes
Winner Hertford County Association 8th 3h19  85% Team working well together, good confident ringing until a method mistake in the last lead.
Second Ely Diocesan Association 5th 3h21  82% An interesting practice routine and a very good opening to the test piece. Some rushed leads and dropped strokes by the little bells.  Method mistake in the fourth lead was well recovered towards a superb finish.
Third Suffolk Guild 4th 3h26 81% Started well though with some unevenness.  Rang well together especially the little bells and improved steadily. No serious method mistakes.
Fourth Essex Association 1st 3h25  77% A nice rhythm (better than the practice).  Some rushed leads scored faults.
Fifth Norwich Diocesan Association 6th 3h35  74% The practice never quite settled and the test piece remained a little unsteady.  No method mistakes and very few severe striking errors.
Sixth Lincoln Diocesan Guild  3rd 3h32 73% An interesting practice routine, then a confident start.  The little bells rang well.  A significant method mistake in the third lead took some time to recover.
Seventh=  Cambridge University Guild 7th 3h13  67% A difficult practice, then a nice start at a slightly faster tempo.  Some dropped blows by the little bells or else there was not an agreed speed.  Minor methods mistakes were quickly corrected.
Seventh=  Peterborough  Diocesan Guild 2nd 3h34  67% Noticeably quicker at first than the previous team but slowed through the test piece.  Some rushed leads and occasional trips, but a more significant method error in the third lead.

Date for next year’s diary

In 2020 the Lincoln Diocesan Guild hope to arrange the competition at Boston, on June 13th, ringing Grandsire Caters.