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The Ridgman Trophy is awarded to the winner of a striking competition on ten bells, held annually in May or June. The territorial associations in East Anglia (including the Lincoln Guild) often enter teams, and others are welcome as space permits. Badges of participating Guilds and Associations are shown below; click a badge to go to the website for the organisation.

For more information about ringing church bells and learning to ring: the website of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers has information about bell ringing and learning to ring; Discover Bell Ringing is a website which includes country-wide contacts with local Associations and Guilds.

Ridgman 2021

Competition proposed for 30th October 2021, location to be decided

Alan Winter writes:

I would like to hold a Ridgman 10-bell competition on Saturday 30th October and I'm delighted to say that Kate and Paul Flavell have accepted my invitation to act as judges. Arrangements for a location are in progress, but not finalised yet. Obviously this will depend on the Covid situation but many towers have restarted 12-bell ringing and quarters and peals are being published on bell-board.

All the eligible associations are being contacted, but in case of communication failure, or for any more information, please contact me (alanwinter_at_cantab.net).

We should modify the rules and procedure a little. Each team should complete their ringing and leave the tower before the next team enters: this will be slower than the usual procedure so I will suggest a short touch of Grandsire Caters as the test piece. Every ringer should use a hand disinfectant (provided) before touching a bellrope. Without creating a precedent for the future I suggest we allow an association who cannot quite achieve a band to borrow up to three ringers on the day (or pre-organised), and these guest ringers be allowed to ring for more than one team: however the trophy should be reserved to the leading association who manage without guests.

Guidance for ringers will be issued. The Cambridge guidance for ringers here could be the basis for bespoke competition guidance.

For the competition, guidance such as the following could be added:

  1. The competition will not take place unless local government rules allow unrestricted indoor meetings and the church allows more than fifteen at weddings

  2. We will observe all local rules and procedures at the venue

  3. Ringing room doors and windows to be open from before first team enters until after last team has left

  4. Each team to complete ringing and depart from the tower before next team enters

  5. People in the ringing room restricted to the team and one competition steward (that is eleven)

  6. No Results meeting : the numerical result might be announced on the day, but comments to be restricted to the web.

Note that points 1 - 6 above are for discussion, please send me any comments.

I'm also delighted to say that the Norwich Diocesan Association have offered to host a competition on Saturday 18th June 2022.

Ridgman 2020

In 2020, the Lincoln Diocesan Guild were to host the competition at Boston, on June 13th, ringing Grandsire Caters, but this did not happen.

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For more information about the Ridgman Trophy, contact Alan Winter (alanwinter_at_cantab.net). For queries, comments or suggestions on this website, contact webmaster_at_elyda.org.uk.

2019 Ridgman 10 bell striking competition:

June 15th at the Norman Tower, Bury St Edmunds

Hertford retain the Ridgman Trophy

"A rip-roaring practice" - judges.

The 32nd edition of the Ridgman ten-bell competition was held at the Norman Tower, Bury St Edmunds, on Saturday 15th June 2019 by invitation of the Suffolk Guild represented by their chairman Rowan Wilson. Kate and Paul Flavell as judges said how important it is to achieve good cooperation between the small and large bells in a test piece such as Cambridge Surprise Royal, also of the danger of falling into an elephant trap ... a major method mistake.

When not ringing we found a lovely city on a sunny day, though many preferred loitering on the cathedral green to renew acquaintance and to hear some fine test pieces. Hertford were judged clear winners with Suffolk and Ely showing strongly: all eight teams brought their test pieces home in good style.

Here are the results,

1 Hertford County Association 85%
2 Ely Diocesan Association 82%
3 Suffolk Guild 81%
4 Essex Association 77%
5 Norwich Diocesan Association 74%
6 Lincoln Diocesan Guild 73%
7= Cambridge University Guild 67%
7= Peterborough Diocesan Guild 67%

Full results and notes on Judges' comments are here, band photos are here.

The Norman Tower

Rowan Wilson (Suffolk), Richard Sales (Hertford), Paul and Kate Flavell (judges) with the Ridgman Trophy.

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