Minutes 2021

Ridgman 2021 minutes of the meeting

The date was discussed as between June and October. Both dates had supporters but a clear majority favoured June, starting with June 18th 2022 at Kings Lynn.

The timing was discussed as between morning and evening. No preferences were expressed.

Choice of method for a competition at Kings Lynn was discussed. Erin Caters was the only suggestion and there were no objections.

Kate and Paul Flavell reported numerical results, in order of ringing:

Essex 3h03 84%

Hertford 2h58 76%

University 3h12 78%

Suffolk 2h58 86%

Lincoln 2h56 64%

Ely 3h04 79%

Suffolk were congratulated by all on an excellent test piece and will hold the Ridgman Trophy until the next edition of the competition.