Minutes 2022

Meeting of the Ridgman Committee: unconfirmed minutes

King’s Lynn Minster in the ringing chamber

14:35 on Saturday 18th June 2022

Present: Alan Winter, Chair; Norwich: Richard Turk; Ely: Alban Forster; CUGCR: Barry Johnson; Essex: Andrew Kelso; Peterborough: Simon Dixon; Bedford: John Loveless; Suffolk: Katharine Salter; Secretary: David Richards

A vote of thanks was offered to Peter and everyone at Kings Lynn Minster for the local arrangements. An intermittent stairwell light had been disconcerting at first. Kings Lynn was noted as a good tower for a striking competition.

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

For the forthcoming years, it was agreed the contest will be held in June. 17th June 2023 looks like a good candidate date. Starting at 10am seems to be generally accepted, with first band ringing at 10 30am

Some bands are keen on taking the draw on the day to improve the social aspect. The concern is that fewer bands would enter, so the proposal to take the draw 3 weeks in advance is also put forward. Simon presents a case in favour of draw on the day. As a compromise, it is agreed that the draw is taken in advance, but the local band select a recommended pub or meeting place. It is noted that the setup at Braintree (2021) worked well, with the selection of a pub in sight of church.

It is requested that, if a band withdraws, could the remaining bands be moved forward in time. It is noted that this has several logistical problems and would also be subject to veto.

In terms of future competitions, Boston Stump has been offered and Lincoln Cathedral has been suggested. Both are good venues but perhaps difficult to steward. Biggleswade is suggested, but it isn't viable for 2023. A proposal is made for Biggleswade in 2024, with the locals providing beer on sale. The contest asks whether 15th June 2024 would be viable at Biggleswade. (LATER NOTE alas not: June 8th would be possible).

Towcester or Higham Ferrars is proposed for 2023.

In terms of method, Little and/or Plain Bob Royal is accepted as the method selection. Grandsire, Erin, Stedman could also be accepted. There is no need to rule out Cambridge / Yorkshire, but it is noted that Cambridge may be selected as the method for Biggleswade.

Alan notes that he has been organising the Ridgman Trophy competition for more than 11 years says that he may wish to hand over organisation in the coming years, and David Richards has stepped forwards as a potential candidate to continue with organisation.

Aspects of teams borrowing ringers are discussed. The principles are clear ‐ don't use it to cheat! The number of substitutes allowed will be reduced from three to two. Borrowed ringers shouldn't ring the same bell for both bands and, for preference, a borrowed ringer should already have rung their 'main' test piece (although it is perhaps difficult to encode that as a written rule).

Further thanks go to King’s Lynn for their organisation.

The meeting closed at 15:06