Minutes 2023

Meeting of the Ridgman Committee: unconfirmed minutes

Meeting of the Ridgman Committee: unconfirmed minutes Towcester in the Chantry House, adjacent to St Lawrence Church
14:15 on Saturday 17th June 2023

Chairman’s note added after the meeting: for several years Janet Garnett has looked after our website, which she has viewed as part of her role as EDA Webmaster. I have expressed appreciation in the strongest possible terms which I hope the Committee will endorse. For the EDA, Janet has been succeeded by Jon Warbrick.

Present: Alan Winter, Chair; Norwich: apologies; Ely: Alban Forster; Peterborough: Simon Dixon; Bedford: John Loveless; Lincoln: Keith Butter; CUGCR: Jonathan Agg; Essex: Andrew Kelso; Suffolk: Katharine Salter (Secretary)

 A vote of thanks was offered to Richard Allton, the Church Authorities and the local band for acting as hosts, especially for the catering available throughout the day in the Chantry House, and to Andrew and  was noted as an ideal tower for a striking competition.

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

The date and time were discussed with general approval, namely the 3rd Saturday in June starting at 10am: that said the 2024 competition will be one week earlier, the 2nd Saturday in June (8th June) at Biggleswade hosted by the Bedfordshire Association.

There was general agreement that Plain and Little Bob Spliced Royal had been challenging as a competition method. Surprise Royal was suggested for 2024 but John Loveless proposed Grandsire Caters and this received general support.

The arrangement for making the draw in advance was accepted as established: John Loveless suggested that hosts and organisers might compile information about other activities taking place in the neighbourhood and on the weekend, an example this year being the Towcester Summer Music Festival, since the territorial area of the competition is large and some bands do have long journeys. We were unanimous that the social arrangements are an essential contributor to the competition.

Thinking for the future we expected to revert to the third Saturday if possible. Lincoln have offered to host 2025 at Boston (they were due to host in 2020 pre‐Covid): we noted that logistics will require some thought, maybe involving both an upstairs and a downstairs steward; caters might be a good choice at this tower but it was generally felt that Royal could be possible. Katharine Salter extended an invitation to Suffolk for 2026, possibly the new 10 at Stowmarket.

Alan Winter commented that suggestions for judges are always welcome: given the location in 2024 it was suggested that ringers from London might be able to take on the task.

 Alan noted: David Richards continues willing to take over the organisational role. The meeting closed at about 15:00.