Ridgman Trophy 10 bell striking competition 2021

2021 Ridgman 10 bell striking competition

October 30th at St Michael, Braintree

Memory is selective, at least mine seems to be. Fact is there was heavy rain in Braintree, starting around 9-30 when I was finishing my Parkrun (lovely course, Notley Park) and peaking around 11-00 when the third team were ringing. My memory, however, is all of the brilliant sunshine from midday onwards and that must mean that the company was good, the local arrangements working well (thanks to Andrew Kelso and the Essex Association, and to the Braintree ringers led by Brad Hill) and the competition working in the way a ten-bell striking competition should (thanks to the stewards, to Kate and Paul Flavell our judges, and to all the participants).

Paul remarked that we must like his judging style since we’ve invited him five times and of course that works two ways; Kate and he must enjoy helping us. Certainly we appreciate their comments on our ringing and the fairness of their marking, on this occasion putting the Suffolk Guild in clear first place with Essex and Ely not so far behind. The test piece was 179 Grandsire Caters.

As the day closed I heard many compliments on the refurbishment of the ring at Braintree, making a bright, lively ten which are a pleasure to ring (and please can we come back soon?). And thanks too to the church authorities for allowing this event in these uncertain times.

Attention now shifts to Kings Lynn on June 18th 2022 where we hope to ring Erin Caters.

ATW 31/10/2021

Kate & Paul Flavell with Katharine Salter of the Suffolk Guild

Here are the results

1 Suffolk Guild 86% (rang 4th, peal speed 2h58)
2 Essex Association 84% (rang 1st, peal speed 3h 03)
3 Ely Diocesan Association 79% (rang 6th, peal speed 3h 04)
4 Cambridge University Guild 78% (rang 3rd, peal speed 3h 12)
5 Hertford County Association 76% (rang 2nd, peal speed 2h 58)
6 Lincoln Diocesan Guild 64% (rang 5th, peal speed 2h 56)

Suffolk Guild, treble (front right) to tenor (back right): Katharine Salter, Amanda Richmond, Colin Salter, Nigel Gale, Brian Whiting, Ruth Munnings, Thomas Scase, Rowan Wilson, David Potts, Richard Munnings.