Ridgman Trophy 10 bell striking competition 2022

2022 Ridgman 10 bell striking competition

June 18th at Minster Church of St Margaret, King's Lynn

Presentation of the trophy to Katharine Salter of the Suffolk Guild

Here are the results

1 Suffolk Guild 32 faults (rang 5th, peal speed 3h20)
2 Ely Diocesan Association
34.5 faults (rang 4th, peal speed 3h 46)
3 Norwich Diocesan Association
42 faults (rang 7th, peal speed 3h 39)
4= Bedfordshire Association
42.5 faults (rang 6th, peal speed 3h 42)

4= Essex Association 42.5 faults (rang 3rd peal speed 3h 36)
6 Peterborough Diocesan Guild 53.5 faults (rang 2nd, peal speed 3h 36)
7 Cambridge University Guild 116 faults (rang 1st, peal speed 3h 23)

The wining band from the Suffolk Guild

Notes from the Judges

The Committee is grateful to King's Lynn for today. The third Saturday in June seems to work for the contest. For 2024 the invitation will be to Biggleswade. For 2023 Peterborough Association will try to get an invitation to Towcester or Higham.

Sally Brown and Lewis Benfield were judging. They give thanks for being invited to judge the contest. Lewis rings at Leicester Cathedral. Richard did timekeeping and overall impression. Started by looking for somewhere to judge - the first room offered was not suitable, so they judged from a car.

In general, the bells are not easy to strike. The fact that there was good ringing is a credit. The tenor in particular was oddstruck.

The judging scheme was half a mark for a blemish, full mark for a clash and two points for anything more major. Some of the teams were very close. Thanks go to Simon Linford for book on judging striking comps.

Comments on the teams

Team 1 - 3hr 23 (peal speed) : Noted a good beat from the tenor at the start. Leading issues improved as time went on, more settled as it progressed. Would have produced some fine ringing if it were longer.

Team 2 - 3 hr 36: Stretches of very good ringing. No method mistakes. Sometimes the end of the change was drawn out. 8 and 9 were well rung. Very enjoyable piece of ringing.

Team 3 - 3hr 36: Struggled with the oddstruckness and inconsistent leading. Left a very nice overall impression.

Team 4 - 3hr 46 (slowest): Several practices, however, good use was made of them. Good beat from the tenor. 1 and 2 particularly well rung and a good overall impression.

Team 5 - 3hr 28: Started from the outset as if it meant business. 7, 8,9 & 10 particularly well rung. Back bells faster than front. Very enjoyable to listen to.

Team 6 - 3hr 42 minutes L Had an unsettled start. Bells were not ringing at the same speed. Very good ending with few faults in the last couple of sixes.

Team 7 - 3hr 39 mins: The ringing was a bit syncopated and patchy to start. Once settled there was some good ringing, again with a strong finish.

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