Ridgman Trophy 10 bell striking competition 2023

2023 Ridgman 10 bell striking competition

Saturday 17 June at at St Lawrence Towceste

Revd Challen presenting the trophy to the Essex Association

Here are the results

Bedford did not complete the test piece.

The wining band from the Essex Association

On Saturday the 35th edition of the Ridgman 10‐bell striking compertition found an ideal locaton at St Lawrence Towcester as part of the town’s Summer Music Festval. Catering and socialising were superbly organised (let’s be clear about priorities here) just across the road and within very easy earshot of the bells. Our judges, Andrew and Joanne Wilby, who have contributed much to creating this ring of twelve and therefore know them very well, remarked that everything you do campanalogically at Towcester is audible to yourself, to the judges, and to your friends listening ear‐bound in the tearoom: there are, in fact, very few places to hide. Richard Allton composed the test piece (thanks to him) which seems simple but contains a lot of music for the front bells as well as for the tenors. It can only be said that Plain and Little Royal in a striking competition is a wolf in sheep’s clothing ... not so very easy to call especially at Towcester where conductors really must project their voices, and very vulnerable indeed to annoying method trips. Still we had some good ringing (steward’s opinion) and ended with a useful meeting in church where Revd Paula Challen took the lead. The winners were Essex (peal speed 3h20, 49 faults), Lincoln placed second (3h18, 81 faults) and Ely came third (3h31, 88 faults): other teams in ringing order were Cambridge University, Peterborough, Suffolk, and Bedfordshire. Notice is given that the 36th Edi􏰀on is set for the second Saturday in June at Biggleswade hosted by the Bedfordshire Association.

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