Ridgman Trophy Ten Bell Striking Competition 2006

17th June at Writtle

Report copied, with thanks, from the website of the Essex Association.

This year our Association hosted the Ridgman Trophy at Writtle on 17 June 2006. Originally, we were expecting nine teams to enter, but sadly one had to withdraw the night before. Apparently one member of the Leicester DG band had broken an arm / leg and could not get a replacement or another person to ring !

The day began with glorious sunshine and a specially arranged fly-past over the tower at 12:55 just before the competition started (rumour has it that it was something to do with the Queen's 80th Birthday and Trooping of the Colour).

The test piece was 287 Grandsire Caters that I had specifically chosen (something the hosts get in their favour). The competition was judged by Phillip Barnes from Sevenoaks and Donald Niblett from Canterbury.

There was some controversy with the results, as the Bedfordshire DA were penalised by 10 faults for breaking the rules by ringing in excess of 8 minutes for the practice and rounds prior to starting the test piece. They could have been disqualified.

Congratulations to our band :- 1 Christina Fleckney, 2 Gill Sparling, 3 Carol Brown, 4 Yvonne Towler, 5 Paul Cammiade, 6 David Sparling, 7 Steve Nash (C), 8 Steve Waters, 9 Jim Towler and 10 Brian Meads.

Many thanks to Phil Stephens and the Writtle ringers for their excellent hospitality, beer and use of the bells.

Steve Nash