Ridgman Trophy 10 bell striking competition 2018

June 16th at St Peter, St Albans

The Stewards Report

St Peter’s Church in St Albans proved an excellent venue hosted by the Hertford County Association. Seven teams took part with ringing from 1-00 to 4-30, a return to the afternoon format after starting in the morning last year.

We were privileged to have Dickon Love and Emma Cundiff as judges, working from the choir vestry, simply listening to and scoring the precision and effectiveness of the ringing. They remarked that these are an easy modern ten, just over a ton, and perfectly suited for the occasion. The trebles may be a little indistinct in the ringing chamber, and there may be minor instances of odd-struckness, but all bells were very clear outside. There had been a good range of ringing with a clear winner.

Many thanks to all those whose efforts created a pleasant day. We are particularly indebted to the Revd Canon Mark Dearnley and the PCC of St Peter’s church for the use of the bells and for their support in using the church hall as the main venue for the day, to the Hertford County Association and the local band for planning and running the day itself, to all who supplied cakes and tea, to the judges for their thoughtful and constructive comments, finally to all who travelled and made the day worthwhile. Cheers!

Hertford County Association were clear winners and Richard Sales received the Ridgman Trophy from Revered Dearnley.



Date for next year’s diary:

In 2019 the Suffolk County Association hope to arrange the competition, possibly at the Norman Tower in Bury St Edmunds, on June 15th, ringing Cambridge Royal.