Minutes 2015

Ridgman 2015 minutes of the meeting

The meeting was held in the Church Hall at Wisbech. Alan Winter called the meeting to order at 16:33.

Present: Alan Winter, chair, Marj Winter secretary, Vicki Chapman (Essex), Linda Garton (Bedfordshire), Richard A. Smith (Cambridge University), Sue Marsden (Ely), Richard Sales (Herts), Alan Payne (Lincoln), Geoff Pullin (Peterborough), Jed Flatters (Suffolk). All guilds and associations present were represented.


Rules: In this competition practice time was limited to eight minutes, as in the old rules which, unfortunately, are still on the website, as opposed to current rules. As all teams followed the same rules, this incident, while regrettable, probably did not affect the outcome of the competition. The organiser and steward apologised for this.

Dates and venues for 2016 and 2017. No date for 2016 suited all bands present. In particular, the Cambridge University Guild has severe limitations on the dates when its members can be present. Earlier dates at the end of April/beginning of May were discussed as alternatives, but ultimately the 4 June 2016 was selected. It is understood that the Cambridge University Guild may find it difficult to enter a team next year. The Hertford County Association has offered to find a suitable tower for 2016. The Cambridge University Guild (in collaboration with the Society of Cambridge Youths) has offered Great St. Mary’s Cambridge, on 17 June, 2017, and this offer has been provisionally accepted.

Method for 2016. Grandsire, Cambridge, Yorkshire and Erin were all mentioned as possible methods for 2016. There was some debate whether Erin would be a deterrent to some less experienced ringers. In the event, Erin was approved, two votes against.